Thursday, January 19, 2012

I once got asked if I could do a interview about tour managing for Scion. It was less of an interview, and more that I was to tell two stories, 5-10 mins long, about touring to be turned into a short animated video. The catch was that it couldn't involve "sex, drugs, alcohol, violence or any other illegal behavior." In hindsight, I should have just talked shit, but at the time it didn't seem appropriate. After struggling to tell a few stories (the "interviewer" didn't engage with me, but just told me what I couldn't say,) I think we both realized it wasn't going anywhere. I don't think the video was ever made, which was fine with me because I still got paid (although they tried to send me half as much as we agreed.)

I was asked to submit a photo, which is what you're seeing above. Me on the side of the stage during BC @ The Music Box 2/24/11.

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